Cerys matthews dating 2016

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“In order to get a measure of the importance of the BBC culturally speaking, you have to go away from Britain and spend time in countries that don’t have equivalent public service broadcasting,” she said.

“I have spent time in Australia and can report that Australasians are very envious of the BBC.

“Kids today can’t imagine a world without this portal to their alternative virtual planet, but I like to encourage their interest in the real world – in getting their hands dirty, lighting fires, skinning rabbits…

She has received substantial radio play in Europe on BBC Radio 6, including a feature on Cerys on 6 with Cerys Matthews.The track "Workin' Woman Blues" was produced and engineered by Peter Sabák in Budapest.June has described the recording of the song as "magical" as it was completed in approximately 30 minutes.And the jobs I've had have been fitting for getting a true feel for how the traditional artists I loved came home after a hard day to sit on the porch and play tunes until bedtime." The record includes performances by Booker T.Jones, who co-wrote one of the songs contained on the album.

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On March 16, June performed again, this time as part of The Revival Tour.