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Christian dating pen pal sites

Try to tell about the things not as if you are numbering them, but from your own personal experience.

For example, "I own 3 bedroom house" will sound better if you say "I like my house; it's cozy and comfortable, and there is enough space for visitors - 3 bedrooms, if somebody of your family wants to visit us one day." Say that you are serious, if you are going to visit Russia one day, what kind of life she will live if comes to the country as your wife.

You don't have to rush into marriage, but as long as you know the person good enough, you must go and see her.

Usually the guy who first meets a lady, will get her.

It depends on the couple, but usually couples meet after exchanging 5-15 letters.

If you correspond via email, it will take much faster.

For the same reason you cannot start your search for Russian wife 2 years in advance, you will just waste your time.You must be clear and precise about things, and avoid being too general.Discussing your opinions about family life is important, but do not forget to supply a lady with all the important information she is looking for.You probably think it's dull things and it goes without saying; NO, you MUST mention it. Russian reality makes a person think she is worth nothing.I am only starting to believe that I am beautiful, intelligent and talented.

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I don't want to wait one month or longer turn around time on letters, and would like to get in contact to women via email.

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