Dating your singer featherweight government mandating of prices

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Dating your singer featherweight

Due to his status as the golden champion, he's also their idol.As much as he looks like someone with a giant ego and nothing to back it up, Takamura is something of a Guile Hero, rarely being defeated in anything even unrelated to boxing.His current record stands at 20 Matches 11-6-4 (W-L-D), with 6 KOs, and the best rank he reached is 1st in Lightweight. He is the smooth, collected type and a romantic at heart, but trains as hard as anyone.His signature "Look Away" technique is based on a skill former World Middleweight Champion Jake La Motta had used in his career and his signature move the "Frog Punch" is based on real-life former world champion Koichi Wajima whose signature move was called the "Frog Jump". His style incorporates a fast left and faster footwork and is considered by Miyata to have "no weaknesses" yet, it also doesn't have strengths either which creates Kimura's weakness.

Due to his boxing insight, he often serves as the Mr. A few of his signature techniques include the fan-favorite Frog Punch, double punch, an untorqued (ineffective) corkscrew punch, and the utterly ridiculous Lookaway (which has also been adopted by Takamura).

He used to be a delinquent feared by everyone on the streets, until coach Kamogawa discovered him and got him into boxing, for which Takamura is very thankful.

And despite his normally dirty behaviour, he is honest and serious about boxing.

He has a troubled (due to his jerkass personality) but nonetheless close relationship to coach Kamogawa.

Kamogawa notes that he loves to see Takamura fight in the ring.

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