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Online dating sevice for wiccas

Some of Gardnerisms strict rules, such as the requirement of ritual nudity, have been made optional by Alexandrian Wicca.

In 1951 the last of the English laws against Witchcraft were repealed (primarily due to the pressure of Spiritualists) and Gardner published *Witchcraft Today*, which set forth a version of the rituals and traditions of that coven.

Much of the published material was written by Doreen Valiente, a member of the coven for a time and later founder of her own groups and author of many excellent books on the Craft.

Gardnerian Witches without doubt do have many materials which have not appeared in print, however, their emphasis on secrecy has made them a punch line in the Wiccan social world. than it is in England.] *As most everyone by now is aware, the Alexandrian Tradition is very close to Gardnerian with a few minor changes.

Other covens, similar in teleology but not directly descended from the Mc Farland/Roberts line, are sprinkled around the country.*2.

The other branch, sometimes called Feminist Dianic Witchcraft, focus exclusively on the Goddess and consists of women-only covens and groups.

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There is an enormous amount of disagreement about virtually every statement I have made in this paragraph.

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