Updating access form

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Updating access form

A few other points to help with front-end preparation: In most cases, you'll want to hide the Access database window (2000/2003) or Access Navigation Pane (2007/2010) and provide your own Access menus.To hide the database window in 20, select "Tools Startup..." from the menu, and uncheck the "Display Database Window" option.Because the Access 2007 file format does not support Workgroup Security, we recommend staying away from this approach since it will limit your ability to move to the 2007 format when it becomes advantageous or even required by future versions of Access.Ultimately, a determined user will likely be able to get to the data if they have enough Access know-how.In Access 20, select the Office icon, then the Access Options button.

You will need to make sure the front-end database file(s) always know where the Access Data File resides.Lastly, all versions allow you to disable Full Menus (the ribbon in Access 2007/2010) and right-click Shortcut Menus if you want to further limit user's options.Compiling your front-end into an ACCDE or MDE format helps protect some of your intellectual property, but if you are planning to store sensitive information in your Access project, we recommend you implement the necessary security measures to be sure your data is protected to the extent needed.With a split Access database configuration, you simply send them a new version of your front-end file and their data remains intact.If you store all your objects in one file, including your tables, Access will usually have difficulty when multiple users attempt to open the same database file.

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