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It's cetrtainly different from the one used during the Chunin Exams, both in colour and design (green and very basic with a pouch and heavy shoulder and chest padding, slightly reminiscent of the one used in Konoha and Amegakure), though actual footage of it might be a bit hard to come by, though in epoisode 92 at 12.08 there's a decent shot.Since I'm inept at working with pictures, could somebody add this, if it's deemed fitting?Blessed Health offers African-American women the medical information and inspirational motivation they need to achieve total health -- a healthy mind, body, and spirit.Many black women will go to church all day every Sunday but won't take one day out ...--Cerez☺ (talk) , February 16, 2011 (UTC) I'm very happy to hear this.I was looking for good pics of the different flak vests just yesterday.

Spector THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO OWNING, MAINTAINING, AND ENJOYING HORSES.The Whole Horse Catalog, the definitive horse guide, is now completely revised and updated to include everything from advances in nutritional thinking to sources on the World Wide Web.With hundreds of illustrations and a detailed, easy-to-understand text, this new edition of The Whole Horse Catalog is the one-stop book for all your equestrian needs.Arrancar79 (talk) , February 16, 2011 (UTC) I would like to point out that the 'earlier version flak jacket' that the Sannin wore might not be an earlier version.The Sannin are seen wearing it in the flashback to their fight with Hanzō and in the flashback to Orochimaru's defection from Konoha, yet we see the normal flak jackets being used in flashbacks to the Kyūbi attack and Dan's death and in the Kakashi Gaiden. —Shounen Suki Some of the pictures in the gallery are rather poor, I must say.

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