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Validating roi

Through this process, an MDM solution may need to support two kinds of usage: for contract hierarchies or pricing processes.

A core MDM governance requirement is to support these two kinds of usage and be able to harmonize data across these different hubs, often in heterogeneous IT environments.

Customer and product are the two most common master data domains.This technique enables companies to achieve direct improvements in key customer cost metrics (such as return on mailings) as well as customer-centric business processes (such as customer service representative response time), and benefit from a high return on investment in less than six months.Further, by starting small with an identified customer-process improvement, you can kick-start an MDM initiative.Often they don’t know how to begin building a compelling business case, or their choice of architecture limits the return on investment and makes it difficult to deliver on the business case.Chasing the Pot of Gold Some companies choose to build a business case for a grandiose end state: an operational customer hub with a single, comprehensive MDM platform capable of supporting both analytical and operational processes in real time.

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