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In this article I would like to propose a different schema that relies on users’ Windows accounts rather than Forms authentication, and show the benefits that this approach can offer. NET applications that are owned by an organization in which all users have their own Windows account, maybe stored in the company’s Active Directory.

When we create a web application, we want to expose the application’s users to information.

The authentication types available in IIS can be viewed by using the IIS Manager: Figure 3: List of all authentication methods implemented in IIS 7.0 and 7.5. NET Impersonation: this is not really an authentication method, but relates to authorizations granted to a web site’s users. Basic Authentication: this is a Windows account authentication, in the sense that the user needs to have a username and password, recognized by the operating system, to use the application.We store these resources in a centralized place and instruct the system that manages them to prevent entities that we don’t recognize from having access.Anonymous authentication refers to a situation in which we grant access to resources to all users, even if we don’t know them. We authenticate each user by requesting his credentials, normally a username and password, that we have assigned to him, or that he got during what we call the registration process. NET Framework uses the following authentication terminology: As their names suggest, Windows Principal and Windows Identity are related to Principals and Identities associated with a Windows account, while Generic Principal and Generic Identity are related to generic authentication mechanisms. NET applications that allow users to manage their own data and resources in a multi-user environment. Probably almost all of you have developed or are developing ASP.

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Its source code is available at the top of this article as a zip file.